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Your Challenge is Our Inspiration

BroCon is all about taking businesses to the big leagues. The obstacles you face in your journey inspire us to stretch our resources in search for the absolute best solution for you. Through the provision of strategic advice, we aim to help you grow from strength to strength. And because we’ve been through the mill, we know exactly what to expect and how best to prepare you for it.

Here’s what we can do for you:

We make the mistakes so you won’t.

We want you to go directly where you want to be, not figure out how to—you can
leave that to us. Leverage on our knowledge and experience and spend all the
time you’ve saved on the other things that matter to your business.

We don’t just hear what you say—we listen.

And that makes a world of a difference. Finding the right solution to a problem is always
about perspective. And perspective is precisely what we gain when we listen to you. We relate to your
circumstances and solve problems with your best interest always on the forefront.

Our team is your team.

That’s our promise. We understand the importance of the human factor.
Businesses thrive when two things come together in perfect harmony: great resources, and great people.
And we want you to have both—abundantly. Our success is measured by your success,
and that’s why we’re all on your side.

Our Subsidiaries

Building a solid corporate infrastructure for new or existing business alike is vital for it forms the foundation upon which businesses operate and grow. Broctagon Corporate Services caters to this need through the provision of setup services for the key business aspects such as offshore bank accounts, licensing, compliance and IPO facilitation.

Broctagon Protégé is the bridge that takes great ideas from blueprint to successful businesses. A FinTech incubator initiative by Broctagon Group, Broctagon Protégé sets out to discover and nurture the industry giants of tomorrow.

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Our professional team is experienced, attentive and above all, dedicated.