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Rooted In Comradery

The name “Broctagon” was coined to symbolize the brotherhood of our 8 founders. It has since then served as a constant reminder to treat our people with the sincerity and honesty they deserve. We’ve kept this culture of strong fellowship even as our team has grown from 8 to 80 to the hundreds. This culture of comradery is also extended to our clients, whose needs are always treated as our own. We know none of us are better than all of us — a virtue Broctagon is still proudly recognized for today.

What Our Logo Embodies

We believe in infinity, in boundless possibility and never-ending expansion. These key elements culminate in the infinity symbol which signifies our effervescence and constant hunger for greater and more far-reaching change. The heart of our logo represents our two guiding stars – brotherhood forming the foundation of Broctagon, and Broctagon forming the center of infinite possibility.

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Our professional team is experienced, attentive and above all, dedicated.