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5 Countries.
11 Offices.
1 Ambition.

Creating a strong global presence is about more than bringing together people from all over the world. It’s about reflecting a common ideal, a shared ambition to create tangible and meaningful change. At Broctagon, we do just that. We unite talents from across the globe so as to revolutionize the FinTech industry.

80 Coleman Street,
London EC2R 5BJ,
United Kingdom

Unit 1914, 19th Floor,
2 Christou Samara, 3rd
Floor, 4001, Limassol,

6th Floor Tower A,
Green Boulevard,
B – Block Sector 62, Noida

Unit 1914, 19th Floor,
Concordia Plaza,
1 Science Museum Road,
TST, Kowloon, HK

80 Robinson Road,
Singapore 068898.

Diversity in Specialization

Being innovative means seeing things differently. And innovating well means bringing something truly exceptional to the table. We hire talents from all over the world based on their unique expertise so we can have the range of perspectives we need to generate world-changing ideas. Having a team of specialists also means we’re able to tailor-make solutions which are relevant to the specialized needs of every business.

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